Seascape CERT

The Seascape CERT team started as neighbors and now we are a trained team of neighborhood friends. Take the free CERT training at the Aptos Fire Department and join us! Email Rick Jacobson or call him at 831-706-6868.

The Seascape CERT neighborhood book sale fund raiser for the Seascape CERT Disaster Supplies Shed.

Seascape CERT members Rick, Bonnie, and Michelle trained in Disaster Response Radio Communications.

Seascape CERT Project Manager Jean Anderson at Cinco De Mayo evangelizing neighborhood CERT teams.

Seascape CERT Treasurer Bonnie Wolf arranged for Seascape CERT Information display at US Bank.

Seascape CERT members and Patty of Sunset Beach CERT marched in the Aptos July 4th Parade with Fire Safety Message.

Seascape CERT attended the Santa Cruz County CERT Response Training.

Seascape CERT Training Director Rick Jacobson participated in CERT Search and Rescue Training.

Seascape CERT responders Ron and Meredith participated in CERT Fire Suppression Training.

Seascape Disaster Supplies Shed

Mark Holcomb generously donated our Seascape CERT Disaster Survival Supplies Shed that was dedicated and Barry Samuel of the SC County Parks Department coordinated the approval process.

Joining the celebration were: Carol Wallace, Bonnie Wolf, Mark Holcomb, Debby Hite, Rick Jacobson, Eileen Buron, Barry Samuel, Merrylee Vernazza, Chief Tom Crosser, Jean Anderson, Joe Wolf, and Jim Maggio.

Please donate to help us fill the Seascape CERT Disaster Survival Supplies Shed with Disaster Survival supplies for the Seascape neighborhood.

To donate, email Bonnie, the Seascape CERT Board Treasurer.